Journal of Experimental Botany 61: 491-502 (2010)

Peroxidases identified in a subtractive cDNA library approach show tissue-specific transcript abundance and enzyme activity during seed germination of Lepidium sativum [W][OA]

Ada Linkies, Uta Schuster-Sherpa, Stefanie Tintelnot, Gerhard Leubner-Metzger, Kerstin Müller

University of Freiburg, Faculty of Biology, Institute for Biology II, Botany / Plant Physiology, Schänzlestr. 1, D-79104 Freiburg, Germany, Web: 'The Seed Biology Place'

Received August 27, 2009; revised October 6, 2009; accepted October 12, 2009
Advance Acess publication 30 October 2009
DOI 10.1093/jxb/erp318

Table S1. Cress sequences of the subtractive library were deposited in the GenBank database and are available via the NCBI website ( Putative gene function was based on the highest BLAST hit, usually Arabidopsis otherwise the closest homologue is indicated next to the percentage nucleotide identity.

accession number
Locus of
closest homologue
Putative gene product function Sequence similarity to Arabidopsis (%)
if not indicated otherwise
GR972444 AT1G01300 aspartyl protease family 87.6
GR972418 AT1G07890 ascorbate peroxidase 87.6
GR972448 AT1G14290 acid phosphatase, SBH2 (sphingoid base hydroxylase 2) 92.6
GR972432 AT1G32900 starch synthase 84.1
GR972464 AT1G64970 gamma-tocopherol-methyltransferase 90.7 Brassica napus
GR972445 AT1G66200 glutamine synthase 89.2
GR972417 AT1G75040 PR5 82.2
GR972433 AT1G79050 DNA repair recA 87.1
GR972468 AT2G18980 putative peroxidase 84.3
GR972415 AT2G33150 KAT2 (also known as peroxisome defective 1) 83.7 Brassica napus
GR972452 AT2G34040 API5 apoptosis inhibitory 85.4
GR972441 AT2G34470 UREG (urease accessory protein G) 89.6
GR972466 AT2G36530 phosphopyruvate hydratase 89.6 Brassica rapa
GR972424 AT3G12620 PP2C family (protein phosphatase) 91.6
GR972456 AT3G13920 EIF4A1 (eukaryotic translation initiation factor) 87.5
GR972423 AT3G16640 TCTP (translationally controlled tumor) 90.9
GR972414 AT3G20820 leucine-rich repeat family 86.4
GR972460 AT3G21720 isocitrate lyase 90.3
GR972462 AT3G46740 TOC75-III 88.2
GR972446 AT3G52960 Peroxiredoxin Type 2 85.9
GR972442 AT3G53500 nucleic acid binding 89.1
GR972457 AT3G55120 TT5 (transparent testa) 80.5 Brassica rapa
GR972449 AT3G55430 beta-1,3-glucanase 88.1
GR972421 AT4G02890 UBQ14 (ubiquitin) 87.6
GR972453 AT4G05050 UBQ11 (ubiquitin) 89.2
GR972469 AT4G05320 UBQ10 (ubiquitin) 88.8 Boechera divaricarpa
GR972463 AT4G13510 ammonium transporter 82.8
GR972436 AT4G21150 ribophorin II family 88.7
GR972426 AT4G31990 cationic amino acid transporter 80.8
GR972434 AT4G32410 cellulose synthase 86.6
GR972425 AT5G05750 DNAJ 87.7
GR972431 AT5G09440 phosphate-responsive 87.4
Gr972422 AT5G13930 chalcone synthase (TT4) 81.5
GR972427 AT5G14030 TRAPB family (translocon-associated) 89.7
GR972440 AT5G17920 cobalmin-independent methionine synthase 94.2
GR972461 AT5G19780 tubulin alpha-5 95.6
GR972467 AT5G25350 EIN3-binding F-box protein 85.5
GR972455 AT5G37600 glutamine synthase 91.3
GR972435 AT5G37770 calmodulin-related 84.7
GR972450 AT5G48930 anthranilate N-benzoyltransferase 92.3
GR972447 AT5G57300 methyltransferase 90.3
GR972454 AT5G60390 elongation factor 96.5
GR972451 AT5G62700 tubulin beta-3 79.5
GR972439 AT3G49910 putative 60S ribosomal protein 89.6
GR972419 AT4G09800 S18.A ribosomal protein 91.5
GR972459 AT2G18020 60S ribosomal protein L2 94.1

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