Plant & Cell Physiology 53: 81-95 (2012)

Myrigalone A inhibits Lepidium sativum seed germination by interference with gibberellin metabolism and apoplastic superoxide production required for embryo extension growth and endosperm rupture[W]

Krystyna Oracz*, Antje Voegele, Danuše Tarkowská, Dominique Jacquemoud, Veronika Turecková, Terezie Urbanová, Miroslav Strnad, Elwira Sliwinska, Gerhard Leubner-Metzger*
*shared corresponding authors
University of Freiburg, Faculty of Biology, Institute for Biology II, Botany / Plant Physiology, Schänzlestr. 1, D-79104 Freiburg, Germany, Web: 'The Seed Biology Place' - (K.O., A.V., D.J., G.L.-M.)
Laboratory of Growth Regulators, Faculty of Science, Palacky University and Institute of Experimental Botany AS CR, v.v.i., Šlechtitel? 11, CZ-783 71, Olomouc, Czech Republic (D.T., V.T., T.U., M.S.)
Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Faculty of Science, Palacky University, Šlechtitel? 11, CZ-783 71, Olomouc, Czech Republic (M.S.)
Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Cytometry, Department of Plant Genetics and Biotechnology, University of Technology and Life Sciences, Kaliskiego Ave. 7, PL-85-789 Bydgoszcz, Poland (E.S.)

Received 11 July 2011; Accepted 3 September 2011; First published online 8 September 2011
DOI 10.1093/pcp/pcr124

MyA inhibits ROS-mediated cell growth

Fig. 5.   Accumulation of apoplastic superoxide (O2•-) in the embryos from Lepidium sativum seeds imbibed in continuous white light.

(A) NBT (nitroblue tetrazolium) histostaining of apoplastic O2•- in the embryo isolated from a seed just after endosperm rupture at 22 h. Enlarged views of the RAD and the tissue-level localization of apoplastic O2•- in the elongating lower radicle/hypocotyl axis are shown. Note that apoplastic O2•- accumulated at the upper side of the RAD exhibiting a gravitropic response.

(B) XTT (3'-[1-phenylaminocarbonyl]- 3,4-tetrazolium]-bis[4-methoxy-6-nitro] benzenesulfonic acid hydrate) quantification of apoplastic O2•- release by RAD and CAP isolated from L. sativum seeds with unruptured endosperms incubated for 22 h. Mean values ± SE of 4 biological replicates.

(C) NBT histostaining of apoplastic O2•- in the embryos isolated from control (CON) and MyAtreated seeds with unruptured (-ER) and ruptured (+ER) endosperms incubated for 15 and 22 h. Photographs on the left and right show the lower (the part of the seed touching the petridish) and the upper sides of the embryos, respectively, as they had been positioned in the seed (Schematic representation with a red arrow is shown above each column of photographs to indicate the side of the embryo shown) . Note the difference in NBT histostaining between the lower and upper sides of the RAD.


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